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How much is your content worth?
At Pingback you earn money from your audience and create content with complete freedom.
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Active subscribers 600
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Cool, and how does it work?
Pingback unites, subscription model with newsletters for you to worry about only one thing: being heard.
Create your wayYour content is unique, nobody does it like you. Instead of writing to everyone or anyone, write to anyone who sees value in what you have to say.
Create a communityYou know what's important to your audience, so deliver the content they want to consume. Add value to what you produce and build loyalty in those who wait to receive.
Gain a loyal audienceIf creating content as you do is what makes you special, don't write for everyone or for anyone. Create valuable content for those who value you.
Turn readers into subscribersOffer exclusive content, turn your loyal audience into subscribers and guarantee a recurring income for the content you produce.
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Your content, your rulesFreedom to create content, without restrictions, without interference
Exclusivity on your listThe list... is yours. And her control too
The price is up to you.Define how much your audience will pay for your content

You have something to say.

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