Brazilian Company leading a global category?

By SaaSholic

Last update at 04/09/2021

Howdy SaaSholics! 
Diego here, with some exciting updates to share today! Besides being an active collaborator on the SaaSholic community, I co-founded, seven years ago a company called Rock Content. Back then, I probably would not guess where this exciting journey would lead us to.
Fast forward to today, our company has grown considerably and expanded its operations to four countries, we made two acquisitions, grew our blog to reach millions of people every month and faced LOTS of challenges as well.
Today, I’m writing to share some exciting news, that I hope you guys enjoy as much as I did. 
After so many challenges, memories, relationships built, and meaningful accomplishments, I’m excited to share that all of that our hard work has caught the attention of the Latka Magazine. I’m a big fan and I have been following Nathan’s work for a long time. I always listen to his podcast, I subscribe to his magazine since the first edition and I got excited about his latest venture
The September issue features a cover story on Rock Content and the growth the company has experienced over the last few years.
In this interview, I tried to share openly about our growth story, some victories and challenges in the journey to achieve $25m in annual revenues, and a Lil’ bit of a preview of what we hope for our future. 
Wanna check it out? Grab your copy of the magazine here
I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did 😉